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Accurate Guidance

Outdated guidance has plagued our government for years. AATD assisted one of the larger federal agencies to find efficiencies in their guidance (regulations, instructions, policies, etc.); we discovered that over 40% of all guidance documents were out-of-date and 20% were more than 10 years old.

AATD leverages proprietary technology to drastically change the traditional approach to managing guidance. We afford organizations the ability to ensure accurate and timely compliance and guidance management. Our guidance and compliance improvement solutions help you establish a comprehensive maintenance and retrieval system to keep guidance up-to-date and available in any format.

We look at guidance differently; just as grammar rules ensure proper sentence structure, guidance and compliance must have similar rules to ensure accuracy and enforceability. Without accurate accounting and rules, policymakers lose track of what they are asking their people to do, and their people struggle to determine what is most important from the deluge of often vague, overlapping, contradictory, and out-of-date requirements.

Benefits: In just 18 months, AATD identified and recommended updates to over 1,300 guidance documents for a large government agency. Identifying and recommending a 42% reduction in compliance items, AATD’s work provided a significant advancement in guidance and compliance management.